Dear Families:

Thank you for taking an interest in our Horner Park Montessori project. It is with great pleasure that I share with you a little bit about who we are and why we’re embarking on this new adventure.

The name Spark Montessori is inspired by the ‘spark’ of joy, curiosity, and pride in the eyes of our young son, Oliver, when he learns something new. It reminds my husband and I of the same joy we can feel as adults when we follow our own genuine interests and stretch ourselves to grow as individuals and as a family. We want to create an environment and a community that supports and fosters the natural spark that exists within all children so they can work to achieve their own unique potential. And we felt that the best vehicle to support those goals was by leveraging the Montessori philosophy, method, and environment.

The Montessori method has been around for many decades in the United States and even longer abroad. And the research shows clearly that no other method does a better job at building not only a solid foundation for traditional academic work but also the ‘soft skills’ like self-regulation, collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking that are sometimes a stronger indicator for success later in life. But for me this is also personal. I can trace many of my best qualities and aptitudes back to my days in the Montessori classroom as a child. That is the experience I wanted for my child, so much so, that it has inspired me to help build an organization whose sole focus is to support the needs of the whole child so that they have the freedom and nourishment to build themselves.

Our initial goals involve creating a community of passionate parents in our neighborhood who are also interested in these ideas and who can learn and grow together through educational seminars, discussion groups, and informal gatherings. Future plans include launching a new Montessori school in Horner Park that implements these practices into a classroom setting while continuing to bring value to our community of fellow parents.

We hope that whether you’re simply interested in learning more about the Montessori method or you’re looking for a high quality Montessori school for your children, you will engage with us. We encourage you to sign up for our email list and follow us on Facebook so that you can be apprised of these events and the progress that we are making in establishing our place in the beautiful Horner Park neighborhood.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sara Hruska
Founder, Spark Montessori